Sophie Naphegyi

After being independent for 13 years and having worked mostly on my own since 2001, my will is to go back into a business environment, with its daily management and to communicate with an international world.  I would be very happy to integrate an exciting, motivating team, and contribute to its development from within.

I would like to offer, to a successful Executive Manager, my motivation, my skills and my know-how in order to assist him in his responsibilities.

Having lived mostly in Brabant Wallon, I have not, so far, had the opportunity nor the need to learn Flemish.  I would, should the need arise. But I am perfectly bilingual French/English with some knowledge of Spanish.

You will find below my summarized resume where you can notice my many and wide range skills. My actual motivation is very strong:  I want to share my experience and properly assist a manager in any situation and really add value to his professional life.

My presentation is excellent, I have a solid business experience, also as a top management consultant, and I am good at communicating with negotiation skills at all intervention levels. A born organizer with strong ability to synthesize, I can also show creative skills when solving problems.

Being very quick, with a strong working capacity, I am used to working under pressure. I also have an ability to anticipate any demand while being a perfectionist. The software tools have no secrets for me whether Apple or PC environment. I am also a web designer and a social networks animator.

My schedule is quite flexible;  I am mobile and available immediately.

I remain at your disposal for meeting you at your earliest convenience;  I will answer any questions in order to explore the possibilities of working with you.

Thanking you in advance for the attention you will give my request and looking forward to hearing about exciting opportunities.

Sophie Naphegyi
March 2014


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